Holiday Home Ownership at Keswick Bridge

The lodges at Keswick Bridge are also available as timeshare which is now one of the most popular ways to guarantee quality holidays at a fraction of the price of alternative package, self-catering or hotel-based vacations. In simple terms you can buy a specific week in a specific lodge and you can use it every year until 2066 for Gold Ownership or for 10 or 20 years for Bronze and Silver ownership. After your initial payment all you then pay is your share of the annual running costs. 


How can you use it?

Well, there are many ways:

  • you can enjoy a holiday every year at Keswick Bridge.
  • you can let your relatives or friends use it.
  • you can rent it out.
  • or you can exchange it for a holiday at any one of over 1,800 other timeshare resorts worldwide.

How does the exchange system work?

Keswick Bridge is a member of Interval International (I.I.), the leading timeshare exchange company. Exchanging to another resort is very straightforward - you can call I.I. in London to tell them what you own at Keswick Bridge and tell them where and when you would like ideally to exchange to.They will then let you know what is available. You can organise your exchange without having to wait for I.I. to find someone who wants your Keswick Bridge week.

What is particularly important is that you can exchange to any time of the year so, even if you own at Keswick Bridge in January, you can exchange it for a school summer holiday week in, say, Florida. The exchange system means that you have total flexibility on where and when you go on holiday - if, that is, you do not want to come to Keswick Bridge.